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“One of the best bands in American heavy metal” - DECIBEL

“A goodie-bag of addictive riffs” - CVLT NATION


“SANHEDRIN’s vintage-minded heavy metal thunder is a definite standout” - NOISEY / VICE


“Metal doesn’t get much better than this” - NEW NOISE

"A big bow to Heavy Metal!" - Deaf Forever (DE), 9/10, Soundcheck Pos. 1 !!!

"Slightly darker and more intricate than the debut, but no less convincing!" - Rock Hard (DE), 9/10

"This album has the potential to make the world sit up and pay attention to Sanhedrin." - Distorted Sound (DE), 8/10

"One of the most important albums of the year!" - (IT), 8.5/10

"Attractively dark and deeply focused on heavy metal art. A magnificent album. This band is here to stay." - Forgotten Scroll (GR)

"Great classic metal songs!" - (DE)

"High class!" - (DE), 8.5/10

"A great album that all fans of traditonal rock and metal music should check out!" - Bleeding 4 Metal (DE), 8.5/10

"A mixed bag that covers different subgenres and they make it work!" - Powerplay Magazine (UK)

"One of the most interesting albums at  the moment - rich in quality!" - Loud and Proud (IT), 90/100, 'Over the top'-feature

"The future of Metal has begun!" - (DE), 14/15

"Effective and convincing!" - Classix Metal (IT)

"A highly passionate album - recommended!" - (DE), 8/10

"High variety!" - Legacy (DE), 11/15

"From the very beginning, you can tell that this is Sanhedrin." - Ave Noctum (UK), 8/10

"Sanhedrin have evolved with this album and will definitely find new fans!" - (DE), 8/10

"High standard steel!" - (DE), 8/10

"Beautiful tempo and rhythm changes and handsome guitar work further ensure a pleasant listening experience." - (BE), 80/100

"Pure, uncut, raging Heavy Metal!" -, 9/10

"Sanhedrin is one of those bands that sound classic but also special at the same time." - (ES), 8/10

"What a band!" - (DE), 8.5/10

"Sanhedrin have refined their style!" - (AT), 8/10

"If you like old school heavy metal, this one's for you!" - Rockmuzine (NL), 85/100

"Great band, great release!" - Metal To Infinity (BE), 83/100

"All changes that were done within “The Poisoner” are crowned with success." - Metal Invader (GR)

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